Episode 1 - Launch and Introduction

Hello and welcome to I Never Metadata. This is my introductory episode, and I am so grateful that you’ve tuned in for a listen. My name is Mindy Carner. I am a librarian, taxonomist, and a metadata specialist and enthusiast. I’ve been a metadata consultant for about six years and I really do love organizing information, and I am guessing that since you’ve tuned into a podcast as niche as this, that you do too.

So I understand that podcast time is downtime. It’s listen and learn and hopefully chuckle a bit time. And I respect that. As such, I plan to release 15-30 minute episodes every two weeks, to give you just that little burst of learning that you can feel good about without cutting too much into your 99PI or MFM time.

I am going to hit you with episodes of me sharing what I have learned through experience and research. I am also going to bring in guest speakers to cover specialized topics (Please note: I do work with metadata, but I do not know all things metadata – it is a vast universe). And on each show I will provide reading recommendations whether from a book I had just used in my own research for the episode, or a book I have read in the past that I know covers the topic well, or that has been recommended to me by a reputable source (always check your sources people!).

But again, my assumption is that you’re pretty enthusiastic about metadata, since you’re listening, so I plan to bring you loads of content about the subject. I will cover the definition and why it is so vague, some history of metadata and how it came to be, it’s uses and benefits, how it gets created, how it gets applied in an information system, but I also want to think big on topics that are plaguing information professionals today, like what metadata standards and schema’s exist to give you a jumpstart on your own metadata,  how to align it across multiple internal systems, use it to interact with and understand your consumers, and even gain insights from it to improve your product on the next iteration. All of that… from metadata? Yes.

I Never Metadata is a unique podcast for metadata enthusiasts - experts and amateurs alike. It isn’t about a specific practice like web content management or digital asset management – two practices that utilize metadata – it’s about metadata. For web content. For databases. For people. All apply and use metadata differently, but they may all need to use the some of the same elements, and how do you accomplish that? These are just some of the questions that I am going to cover on this show.

I hope you you’re looking forward to listening to this as much as I am looking forward to researching and sharing everything that I can about our mutually beloved and oh-so esoteric topic – metadata. You can find episodes and subscribe by going to inevermetadata.com and hitting the subscribe button, or find it wherever you find your podcasts.

And now I have a request of you! I would LOVE to know what you’d like to learn about from this podcast. We can take it anywhere, from industry standards to knowledge graphs to the SEO quandary, I want to hear what you’re most interested in, so that you can hear about it. So please email me at inevermetadata@gmail.com and let me know what you’d like to hear about.